Data Integrations Product Manager

  • Product Innovation
  • Singapore, Singapore

Data Integrations Product Manager

Job description

Nugit is expanding the types of data that Customers can use to create stories in the Nugit Data Storytelling Platform. There is an ever-increasing number of marketing, sales, and business applications that collect valuable data that can be leveraged to give our customers an edge in understanding and operating their business. To help realize our vision of helping all businesses realize the true value of their data, Nugit is creating a new role to support data integration.

This role will be responsible for creating, managing, and growing the suite of solutions and workflows that help our Customers integrate their data sources into the Nugit Platform at the #speedofbusiness.

Working closely with the Product, Customer Success, and Engineering teams, the successful candidate will:

  1. Lead the Extended Integrations Program, developing the partnership, processes, and toolkit to scale out this program to existing and new customers.

  2. Support the existing suite of APIs supported by Nugit including scheduling upgrades and enhancements based on the third-party API upgrade schedule and evolving customer needs.

  3. Be the subject matter expert supporting Customer Success in approaches and recommended workflows when integrating and automating data into Nugit based on each Customer's unique requirements, use cases, and data sets.

  4. Partner with the Product Marketing Manager when releasing new features and services related to Data Integration and Data Management.


To be successful in the role, the candidate will:

  1. Onboard new platforms into the Extended Data Integrations catalog including Researching target platform, schema design, documentation, and ETL process in line with the catalogs roll-out plan.

  2. Enable the Customer Success team to meet time-to-value targets when onboarding data from extended integrations through easy-to-use toolkits.

  3. Support the Data Engineering team for each API upgrade on-time and on-spec.

  4. Create and coordinate regular communications and collateral related to Nugit Data Integration upgrades and changes to each stakeholder group including Customers, Customer Success Team, Engineering, and Sales.

The role will be reporting to the Product Marketing Manager.